About the Team!

Reina Hosier – CEO

Reina is an seasoned CFO with experience spanning multiple industries. Reina has built her career by focusing on leadership and business operations in the fields of finance and accounting, manufacturing, software, and distribution. Under Reina’s leadership, Compassion Communities has created a culture of compassion, team building, and trust.

Joy Bowman – COO

Joy joined the Compassion Communities team with over 17 years of public and private service. Joy has a specialty in operations leadership, business strategy and planning, and organizational development. Prior to public service she had a successful marketing and sales career working for corporations in the Forbes top 100.

The unique skill set acquired during her career is fitting for her role as the Chief Operations Officer for Compassion Communities. Joy has charged forward coordinating and leading efforts to ensure the success of Compassion Communities.

Cassidy Rockwell – CMO

Cassidy is a promising young professional with previous experience in management consulting, creating newsletters, white papers, blog posts, and writing business proposals. She received a degree in Communication Studies from CA State University, Sacramento while simultaneously working with Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Her customer service excellence, business and event organization experience, and energetic personality brings a young fresh look to our marketing materials and makes her a valued member of our team.

Jace Werner – CCD

Jace is a successful business owner and operator committed to developing community and business relationships. As a Master Certified Electronics Specialist he leads teams working with electrical systems. As a creative and efficient fabricator he has expertise in improvisation, finding solutions with additional experience in construction, home building, and home remodeling. His focus, motivation, and dedication to Compassion Communities’ vision has already had a positive community impact.

David “Pooch” Pucilowski – CCD

David “Pooch”Pucilowski has been a long time resident of California in the Sacramento Area. David has been involved in community outreach, feeding, passing out blankets, and even providing work for the homeless. He is a Chaplain at the Youth Detention Facility of Sacramento. He understands the need to educate the youth to create better lives for them and our communities and strives to do anything he can to assist. “Making a positive uplifting difference in the lives of others drives David each day.”

Jonathan Bowman – Operations Leader

Jon is a promising young professional working with Compassion Communities providing expertise in the areas of construction, operating heavy equipment, long haul trucking, machinery and mechanics, problem solving, strategic and business planning, and organizational development. Jon’s research and development, leadership, customer service, and strategic thinking skills have helped the Compassion Communities team further their mission. Compassion Communities is excited to develop their future and opportunities with Jon and appreciate his contributions.

Skylar Simmers – Administrative Assistant

Skylar Simmers is the office administrator at Compassion Communities and is currently a student at Folsom Lake College, majoring in Psychology. She worked at Cold Stone Creamery for over two years where she has acquired skills in customer service, communication, leadership, business structure, and inventory. As she is currently in school; her writing, research-gathering, and problem-solving skills are invaluable to Compassion Communities. She is eager to start a new path and is determined to work hard and do well.