California's Homeless Facts

Source: 2019 AHAR

Photo by Ricardo Diaz

California has the highest percentage out of the total percentage of homeless in the nation, 27%. For comparison, New York has 16% of the total homeless.

Photo by Warren R.M. Stuart

38 of every 10,000 people experience homelessness.

Photo by Nana B. Agyei

Over half of all unsheltered homeless in the country live in California, or 53%.

Understanding the Epidemic

California’s Homeless in Numbers


Homeless People in CA


Homeless Unsheltered Veterans


Unaccompanied Unsheltered Homeless Youth


More homeless in 2019

Unsheltered Veterans

More than half (54%) of the nation’s unsheltered Veterans are in California.

Source: 2019 AHAR

Homelessness Increased in 2019

21,306 more people became homeless in California in 2019.

Source: 2019 AHAR

Chronically Homeless

CA has the second highest amount of chronically homeless who are unsheltered, or 83.5%

Source: 2019 AHAR

We care…

We believe that everyone, regardless of circumstance, should have a place to call home. Compassion Communities was created to address the growing homelessness epidemic in the United States.  With an increased number of homeless persons in the U.S., the burden is placed upon each city to find a solution. Compassion Communities will begin by assisting cities in Northern California to provide housing, facilitate services, and promote independence.